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Thank you for visiting my page with the mail address (© since 2003).
My name is Dmitry Hans, and I’m a frontend developer and web designer with 15 years experience. My skill set is a mix of both coding and design. My designs and layouts are responsive and mobile friendly (they will resolve and display correctly on virtually all devices with no internal server forwarding). I use the latest techniques to optimize your website for most Search Engines.

My works

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I use the latest coding languages and scripts for all websites (HTML5 in a combination of Bootstrap and jQuery). For the websites with control systems and online stores, I can work with CMS of your choice, my preference would be WordPress or OpenCart.
I work remotely, quickly and cheap. In the event you would also like photos or perhaps a more in depth website, I will consider traveling to your location.
Please contact me for a specific project and I would be happy to provide you with an initial quotation.

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