4 Tips to Help Win Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Being injured on the job can be absolutely devastating. Both the immediate and long-term effects of having suffered a debilitating injury can significantly impact your financial situation, your physical and mental health, and your overall quality of life. These terrible consequences of on-the-job accidents are the very reasons why worker’s compensation insurance exists.
Unfortunately, while worker’s compensation is available to injured employees, the process of actually winning a worker’s compensation claim can be extremely difficult. Greedy insurance companies don’t want to pay out, and employers are often fearful of their own losses, thus causing them to fight diligently against these claims – even when it means hurting a current employee...

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Colorado Teen Drivers and Applying for a New License

A new enjoyment while being a teenage is getting a license and driving for the first time, and having the freedom to go where they would like. Unfortunately for some teens, they take advantage of this privilege, resulting in tragic consequences. State and national statistics prove that this is true:

  • Nationally and in Colorado, motor vehicle accidents are the foremost cause of death for teenagers.
  • Nationally and in Colorado, 16-year-olds crash more than any other age group.
  • Fatal crash rates among 16- to 19-year-olds is FOUR TIMES higher than that of older drivers.
  • Driver death rates for 16- and 17-year-olds increases with each additional driver.
  • Colorado teen drivers represent only six percent of licensed state drivers, yet account for 11 percent of all statewide traffic deaths.

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